What Role Does Endodontics Play in the Dental Industry?

Visiting your dentist is an important component of a person’s personal healthcare, but what about going to your local endodontist?  Dentists work to provide care and in doing so help a patient to prevent certain dental issues. However when issues arise an endodontists can assist with the more serious situation such as root canal therapy and certain needed surgeries to save your tooth.


Here’s what you should know about an endodontist:

To the “Root” of the Matter

Endodontists treat the inside of the tooth, including the soft pulp that connects the tooth to your gums. Root canal therapy can save a damaged tooth from needing to be removed and prevent possible infection or pain.Certain infections and root canal treatment can be too  complex for a general dentist to treat, this is why a referral to an endodontist is best for a patient. Generally a patient can see an endodontist at Greater Washington Enddontics (GWE) the same day as he or she is referred by their general dentist. GWEcan provide emergency care and we schedule accordingly.  Perhaps the most important information is that a root canal takes no more time than a filling when done by an endodontist and similar to a filling is painless due to localized anethesia.


A Specialty Practice

Endodontists are specialists.  Similar to dentists they study dental medicine for four years however endodontists continue their education and receive another two to three years of specialized training in endodontics.


Utilizes Advanced Equipment

As part of a patient’s specialized treatment, endodontists use high-grade microscopes  to assist with a diagnosis and at times will use a CBCT for purposes of indepth radiographs which provide a 3D digital image of the tooth it’s surrondings.


Greater Washington Endodontics in Northern VA

It is best to take care of your teeth and regularly meet with your general dentist, however if you experience any traumatic injuries to your tooth or teeth or are experiencing symptoms of a severe tooth infection and/or sensitivity, your dentist may advise it is time to see and endodontist.  Greater Washington Endodontics has 4 convenient locations that serve patients across the Washington D.C. Metro area in Reston, Arlington, Fairfax and Woodbridge. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the absolute best services to our patients.

Contact us today at 703-534-4884 to schedule an appointment or to talk with someone about our specialty dental services.

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