What to Expect After A Root Canal

Receiving a root canal can be an intimidating procedure to some, yet the truth is that it is a simple and often painless procedure. However, patients still tend to be concerned, but that can be alleviated by learning more about it, particularly about what happens after it. At Greater Washington Endodontics, we assure patients comfort and satisfaction through clear communication of our procedures to them. We are a team of highly-trained and experienced root canal specialists in the Reston and Northern Virginia area. Our goal is to provide patients with the best possible dental treatment through advanced endodontic therapy techniques, especially root canals. Here is what you should know about recovering from your root canal treatment:



After a root canal procedure, you should expect that the affected tooth will be sensitive for some time. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Gums remaining swollen or inflamed due to the disturbance of small nerves in the tissues and ligaments around the tooth. 
  • A dental instrument used in the procedure may have caused some unavoidable damage to the surrounding tissue. 
  • The temporary filling protecting the affected tooth is higher than the teeth around it, causing you to bite down harder onto it in order to rest your jaw naturally. This could then cause soreness in the affected tooth.



For treating the sensitivity after your root canal, it can mostly be improved by taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol or Advil. However, in a case where your tooth is still in pain while you are taking these medications, then you should contact your doctor, who can prescribe you with stronger pain medication.



You are advised not to eat foods that are too tough or crunchy to chew, as it will cause you unnecessary pain in your tooth. For recovery in the long-term, as well as for preventing the need for a root canal in the first place, decrease the number of sugary foods and drinks that you are consuming, as these can degrade the health of your teeth over time.


Expert Root Canal Specialists at Greater Washington Endodontics in Reston, VA

Following the suggestions above will ensure that you recover from your procedure, leaving you with a tooth that is stronger and healthier than before. At Greater Washington Endodontics, we support excellent dental health through our services as highly-trained root canal specialists. We have spent years treating numerous patients at our locations in Reston, Woodbridge, Arlington, Fairfax, and across the Northern Virginia area, each staffed with experienced specialists, all prepared to treat any of your tooth-related needs. 

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What Role Does Endodontics Play in the Dental Industry?

Visiting your dentist is an important component of a person’s personal healthcare, but what about going to your local endodontist?  Dentists work to provide care and in doing so help a patient to prevent certain dental issues. However when issues arise an endodontists can assist with the more serious situation such as root canal therapy and certain needed surgeries to save your tooth.


Here’s what you should know about an endodontist:

To the “Root” of the Matter

Endodontists treat the inside of the tooth, including the soft pulp that connects the tooth to your gums. Root canal therapy can save a damaged tooth from needing to be removed and prevent possible infection or pain.Certain infections and root canal treatment can be too  complex for a general dentist to treat, this is why a referral to an endodontist is best for a patient. Generally a patient can see an endodontist at Greater Washington Enddontics (GWE) the same day as he or she is referred by their general dentist. GWEcan provide emergency care and we schedule accordingly.  Perhaps the most important information is that a root canal takes no more time than a filling when done by an endodontist and similar to a filling is painless due to localized anethesia.


A Specialty Practice

Endodontists are specialists.  Similar to dentists they study dental medicine for four years however endodontists continue their education and receive another two to three years of specialized training in endodontics.


Utilizes Advanced Equipment

As part of a patient’s specialized treatment, endodontists use high-grade microscopes  to assist with a diagnosis and at times will use a CBCT for purposes of indepth radiographs which provide a 3D digital image of the tooth it’s surrondings.


Greater Washington Endodontics in Northern VA

It is best to take care of your teeth and regularly meet with your general dentist, however if you experience any traumatic injuries to your tooth or teeth or are experiencing symptoms of a severe tooth infection and/or sensitivity, your dentist may advise it is time to see and endodontist.  Greater Washington Endodontics has 4 convenient locations that serve patients across the Washington D.C. Metro area in Reston, Arlington, Fairfax and Woodbridge. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the absolute best services to our patients.

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Go to An Endodontist

Having a toothache or pain can be one of the most discomforting experiences if left untreated. To determine what is causing the tooth pain, visiting a root canal specialist or endodontist should be a priority. Endodontists provide patients with a specialized examination, which may include an x-ray, to accurately pinpoint what the problem is. While dental surgery can be a bit daunting for anyone, with the right root canal specialist, you can have peace of mind and a smile that shines!


Greater Washington Endodontics in Reston, VA provides a variety of dental procedures to help relieve major dental discomfort. Our highly-trained professionals treat every patient with the utmost care and pride ourselves on helping people attain the smiles they’ve always wanted. While there are many reasons to see an endodontist, here are just a few reasons why you should consider scheduling a visit.


Experiencing Major Tooth Pain

Experiencing constant tooth pain is a clear indicator that you need to see an endodontist. Major tooth pain includes tenderness while eating or upon touch, pain that does not go away after using medications, or sensitivity to hot or cold consumables that may cause long-lasting pain. If you are experiencing any of these, then it might be time to make an appointment with an endodontist.


Dental Injuries

Injuries to the teeth are normally caused by a direct or indirect impact to the mouth. Some injuries can be so severe that the tooth may be dislodged from its socket. The injured tooth must be stabilized in order for it to heal properly. One of the most common types of dental injuries are cracked teeth. A couple of symptoms of cracked teeth is the feeling of sharp pain when biting down and pain while eating or drinking.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacements for a tooth that falls out or must be removed. Dental implants create artificial tooth roots, which are secured to your jawbone to create a sturdy artificial tooth. Dental implant surgery is one of the safest dental procedures today. When a professional endodontist puts dental implants in, this ensures that the implant blends in naturally with the rest of your teeth.


Greater Washington Endodontics: the Best Endodontics Professionals in Northern VA

Our team at Greater Washington Endodontics are highly-trained and motivated professionals that are here to help you find out what is causing you tooth discomfort. From root canal surgery to dental implants, let the finest team in Northern Virginia serve you. With four locations in Arlington, Fairfax, Reston, and Woodbridge, there is an endodontist nearby and ready to help you get your smile back.

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The Myths and Misconceptions of Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are often viewed as a painful dental proced      al is an important dental treatment that allows you to maintain healthy teeth. When the pulp inside your teeth becomes infected or inflamed, it can cause severe pain and a number of dental issues. Root canal therapy is the one process of removing that infected tissue, relieving you of pain and ensuring that your teeth remain healthy.


When it comes to scheduling a root canal procedure, you want to be sure you are receiving the best treatment. With so many misconceptions about root canals, how are you supposed to find resources you trust? Greater Washington Endodontics in Reston, VA provides professional root canal therapy throughout the Northern VA area. Our professional endodontists provide personalized treatment so you can maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Below are some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding what is normally involved in root canal therapy and what you can expect.


You Will Experience A Lot of Pain

A root canal is no more painful than a filling, and with modern anesthesia, you won’t feel anything through the process. We are dedicated to ensuring you have a comfortable and pain-free experience with any root canal procedure.


They Are Dangerous

Not at all! A root canal isn’t a dangerous or risky procedure compared to any other form of routine dental surgery. As techniques and technology advance, it is becoming a much quicker, easier, and safer by the day.


How Many Visits Does It Take?

It often depends on the patient and specific circumstances, but it rarely takes more than one or two visits. Dental procedures are continuing to grow to be more efficient and effective, reducing the need for repeat visits.


Root Canals Don’t Last Long

Root canals last a lifetime and only in rare exceptions does a patient need a repeat treatment. Root canals are permanent dental procedures that provide a lifetime of comfort and good dental health to the patients who receive it.


They Are A Last Resort To Save Your Teeth

There are multiple solutions to an infected tooth including pulling it and replacing it. While each method has its own pros and cons, it’s important to ask your dentist which method is best for you. One of the pros of a root canal is that you get to keep your tooth and preserve the tooth structure of your mouth to make chewing and speaking even easier.


Northern Virginia’s Top-Rated Experienced Endodontic Specialists

Greater Washington Endodontics has a team of experienced root canal therapy specialists that can provide professional treatment in the Washington D.C. Metro area. Our team is attentive to any dental pain or injuries you may be experiencing and can help eliminate those issues with specialized root canal treatment. With over 35 years of experience in root canal therapy and four locations in Northern VA, we ensure to provide only the best personalized dental services according to your needs.

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